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Clear, concise information about the role of a licensed Realtor®.

If you are a Realtor®. or aspiring to be a successful one this site will serve to help you be more informed and have a better understanding of our role to help the public at large and your clients.

Why does this site exist? Within the realm of Real Estate, shady deals under shady trees have influenced how people perceive, deceive or appear to achieve differing levels of their inner core being.  That core is much like apples...fruits upon which they rise or fall...some sweet, some not so sweet but fruits nonetheless.

When it comes to contracts, litigation and other words ending in "tion" it becomes really important at the end of the day to do one thing, and one thing only.  It is a unique marketing tool I learnt from my parents and a monk I met in Tibet.

The tool is, "tell the truth"

Your truths are based on experience and knowledge.  

These two factors define who we are as people and who we are as Realtors® and our ability to represent members of the public in the best way possible.  This is why the best Realtors® tend to have specific experience and knowledge that can help their clients:

1) Get the best deal possible that fits their clients needs.

2) Be able to leverage a team of other professionals when they are not 100% qualified to provide solutions.

3) Be realistic and serve their clients well...this means not wasting resources when representing them.

My name is Ian Cockburn.  As a licensed Realtor® since 2005 I have discovered 1 sacred principle that successful Realtors® across the country profess to:

"tell the truth"

As a person selling, buying, managing, renting or whatever part of your process you are at this stage of your life may this site give you tidbits to help you achieve your goals in a systematic, defined process that at the end of the day you can honestly say, "I feel good about the deal / I feel good about my Realtor®..I feel comfortable in my place, my space in this time with a smile on my face.

You can find my contact information at the top and bottom of each page of this and the John Anthony Realty affiliate sites.

Geaux forth and prosper!


What is a Realtor ® ?

A Realtor by definition is a person that has passed at least one test, and pays dues to a local and national organization that follows a specific Code of Ethics when conducting the business of Real Estate.


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